...I have found that if I shift my inner world, my external world shifts.
I think of it as leadership...from the inside...
Michael Rennie

...Healing is more than a restoration of physical health. It means recognising ourselves as whole and complete, and accepting and embracing every part of ourselves - unconditionally. Healing means feeling at peace with ourselves and life....
Dr Helena Popovic

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NeurOptimal® - Neurofeedback...

...speaking the language of the brain
to the brain.

This very sophisticated system of Neurofeedback (NeurOptimal®) feeds information to the brain
and central nervous system and, as a consequence of
the improvement in communication taking place,
creates the opportunity for many physical, mental
and emotional conditions and behaviour patterns
to change, release and self-correct.

With regular NeurOptimal® sessions, you could experience improvement in any number of the following conditions...

The Emotional Level:-
~ depression ~ stress / anxiety ~ mood swings
~ self-esteem problems ~ eating disorders ~ overreactions
~ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ~ sense of hopelessness
~ dealing with grief/loss ~ sadness / unexplained
~ panic attacks ~ feeling overwhelmed
~ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
~ constant negative brain chatter
~ personality disorders ~ emotional instability ~ phobias
~ temper tantrums ~ attention issues ~ conduct disorders
~ ADHD/ADD ~ oppositional & defiant behaviour
~ Attachment Disorder ~ childhood trauma ~ emotional intelligence

The Mental Level:-
~ learning disorders ~ ADD/ADHD ~ concentration issues
~ loss of creativity ~ irritability/impatience ~ prioritizing
~ cognitive/memory decline ~ feeling distracted ~ procrastination
~ addiction relapse ~ changing old habits ~ anger management
~ troubles at home ~ exam stress/anxiety ~ lack of motivation/focus

The Physical Level:-
~ PMS ~ Post Natal Depression ~ menopause symptoms
~ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ~ Fibromyalgia
~ insomnia ~ chemical brain injury ~ substance abuse
~ traumatic brain injury ~ migraine/headaches
~ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) ~ Executive Functioning Disorder
~ hyperactivity ~ relationship/communication ~ feeling burnt out
~ urges towards unlawful behaviour ~ prison release & adjustment
~ addictions ~ trauma recovery
~ Epileptic Seizures ~ stroke rehabilitation
~ Multiple Sclerosis ~ Parkinson's Disease ~ Tourette's Syndrome
~ domestic violence ~ self control issues.

The Spiritual level:-
~ inner Peace ~ feeling of being whole and worthy of
~ rekindled fun and joy
~ appreciation of others and the little things that matter
~ greater empathy ~ more able to respond respectively
~ feel happier and more confident in each moment
~ live more in touch and aware of your emotions and feelings
~ rekindle or create new interests ~ hobby and passions
~ learn to love / self and others more ~ self acceptance.

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly...Margaret Fuller...(Photo © C Byrne)

NeurOptimal® sessions may also improve those areas/skills already working well in your life and, with regular sessions, you could enhance any number of the following...

~ accelerated learning ~ improved focus and attention
~ calmer mind ~ less reactivity ~ more balanced presence
~ increased memory retention ~ greater processing abilities
~ more self control & motivation ~ better decision making
~ improved executive functioning ~ reduced anxiety and stage fright
~ better insight and understanding ~ better problem solving
~ increased resistance to exam stress ~ improved general mood.

~ improved focus ~ greater concentration ~ increased energy
~ better co-ordination ~ increased accuracy ~ greater endurance
~ faster recovery ~ more time in the zone ~ calmer mind
~ improved control ~ faster information processing
~ faster response time ~ increased presence ~ more alert
~ reduced performance anxiety ~ less reactivity to externals.

~ profound resolve ability of old wounds ~ greater communication skills
~ resolution of pre-relationship issues ~ better understanding
~ increased self-confidence and ability to assert fairly
~ more patient ~ less reactivity ~ better problem solving
~ development of emotional & intelligence ~ more self control
~ greater awareness of others ~ set goals ~ have and make dreams
~ rekindle warmth and loving ~ improve parent/child relationships
~ enhance any current betterment courses/programs
~ able to unload old baggage ~ increased compassion for others.

Performing Arts:
~ improved hand-eye coordination ~ increased accuracy
~ improved focus, attention & concentration ~ burnout protection
~ reduced anxiety, jitters and stage fright ~ calmer mind
~ increased body awareness ~ enhanced presentation
~ maintain calm and flow ~ faster information processing
~ less reactivity ~ increased self-control ~ more centred & balanced ~ unleashed creativity ~ greater sustained endurance ~ more alert.

~ exceed work expectations ~ greater ommunication skills
~ prioritising skills & tasks ~ increased work productivity
~ more energy ~ accelerated learning ~ maintain calm under pressure
~ improved decision making ~ increased self control
~ greater appreciation of others and tasks at hand ~ improved mood
~ greater presence towards objectives & goals ~ higher self-esteem
~ enhanced ability to inspire fellow workers/clients
~ improved work ethics ~ greater sense of direction
~ more self-confidence & assertiveness.

~ greater sense of inner peace ~ feeling of being whole & worthy of
~ appreciation of others and the little things that matter
~ rekindled fun and joy ~ more able to respond respectfully
~ greater empathy & compassion for self & others
~ feel happier and more confident in each moment
~ live more in touch & aware of your emotions and feelings
~ rekindle or create new interests, hobbies & passions
~ learn to love self & others more readily.


Because the adjustments need time to settle in,
it's helpful for your health, healing and continued wellbeing to commit to at least 12 sessions so the changes become and remain permanent.

As with everything in life, what you put in
creates what you receive
the choice is yours.


Disclaimer: Please be aware that NeurOptimal® Feedback is not recommended to replace any current medical treatment you are currently undertaking or medication your doctor has prescribed. Please check with your medical practitioner if you are unsure of compatibility.